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  • Dekoration Sukkulenten im Topf mit Jutestoff SET - Styon Dekoration Sukkulenten im Topf mit Jutestoff SET - Styon

    Decoration succulents in a pot with jute fabric SET

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    Succulent pot decorations with jute fabric are a beautiful and rustic way to add a natural and authentic element to your home decor. These arrangements can be made with artificial succulents or even real succulents, depending on your preference. For this decoration you will need the following materials: Small Pots: Choose appropriately sized pots for the succulents you plan to use. Burlap: Use pieces of burlap to cover the pots and give them a rustic, textured look. Depending on your preference, you can choose natural or even colored shades. Soil or substrate for succulents: Make sure you have a suitable substrate for succulents that will provide adequate drainage and support healthy plant growth. Succulents: Choose small or medium sized succulents depending on the size of the pots. There is a wide range of succulents of different colors and shapes, allowing you to create unique and interesting combinations. Optional Decoration: If you wish, you can add additional decorative elements such as decorative stones, pieces of wood or dried moss to complete the rustic look of your arrangement. The package contains 3 pieces. Decorative succulents in pots with jute fabric, approx. 5 x 10 cm, 3 assorted

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  • Metalldeko mit roten Rosen, Teelichter - Styon Metalldeko mit roten Rosen, Teelichter - Styon

    Metal decoration with red roses and for tea lights, height: 24.5cm, width: 22.5cm

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    The metal decoration with red roses from is an elegant and romantic piece that will bring a magical atmosphere to any room. With a height of 24.5 cm and a width of 22.5 cm, this decoration is suitable both as a special gift and as a decorative element for your own room. The red rose metal decoration is a special piece that will create a romantic and magical atmosphere around you. Made of robust metal and with great attention to detail, this decoration impresses with its beauty and elegance. Artfully placed on a dainty metal stand, the red roses will add a touch of romance and charm to any room. Each individual rose is carefully crafted to mimic her natural beauty. The bright red color gives it a passionate and seductive touch. A special element of this decoration is the candle holder, which lets the roses shine in a subtle, warm light. The soft light diffuses through the delicate petals, creating an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. With a height of 24.5 cm and a width of 22.5 cm, this decoration is compact enough to fit on any table, shelf or sideboard. You can place them in your living room, bedroom or even a sitting area to add a touch of elegance and romance. You can confidently use this metal decoration with red roses as a special gift for your loved one, friends or family members. It is a gift that expresses love, beauty and attention to detail. In addition to its function as a gift, this decoration can also be used as an impressive decorative element in your own space. You can place the decoration on a coffee table, a shelf or even a bedside table to add a touch of charm and elegance to your interior. All in all, the red rose metal decoration is a piece full of beauty and romance. With its delicately shaped roses.

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  • Glühlampe aus Glas mit Metallaufhängung - Styon Glühlampe aus Glas mit Metallaufhängung - Styon

    Glass bulb with metal suspension

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    The decorative glass bulb with metal suspension from, which contains a plant inside and is equipped with LEDs, is ideal as a gift or as a decoration. This light bulb with metal suspension is a decorative gem that combines classic elegance with a natural and innovative element. There is a living plant inside the transparent light bulb, which creates a spectacular visual effect and brings nature into the decoration space. The metal suspension gives the lamp a distinctive and modern look, making it easy to hang in any room. Its unique design draws attention and is guaranteed to be the focal point of any room in which it is placed. The glass bulb lamp equipped with LEDs creates a pleasant ambient light that emphasizes the beauty of the plant inside. The LEDs can emit a warm light, allowing you to customize the atmosphere to your liking. The plant in the bulb can be natural or artificial, bringing a fresh, green element to the decor. Thanks to the transparent shape of the bulb, the plants are shown off in a unique way, creating a special atmosphere and bringing a touch of green and life to any room. This glass bulb with decorative metal hanging and houseplant makes a stunning and unique gift for plant and home decor lovers. It can confidently be given away on various occasions such as anniversaries, celebrations or housewarmings. It exudes a special charm and is appreciated by those who appreciate beauty and originality in the interior. In summary, the light bulb with decorative metal suspension and a plant inside equipped with LEDs is an attractive and innovative decorative piece. With its distinctive design, pleasant ambient lighting and the presence of plants, it adds an element of life and charm to any space. Whether as a gift or for decoration, it is a real eye-catcher and brings joy and inspiration.

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