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The gilded rose with gilded vase vintage in a red velvet box is an elegant and sophisticated piece of jewelry, suitable both as a special gift and as a decorative element in your personal space.

The gilded rose with gilded vase is a stunning expression of beauty and elegance. Each individual rose petal is delicately gilded, giving it a luxurious shine and presence. This combination of delicacy and opulence creates a fascinating contrast and gives the rose an extraordinary charisma.

The vase that accompanies the rose is also gold plated, perfectly complementing the design of the rose and giving it an extra touch of elegance. The vase has a classic design and carefully crafted finishes that complement the rose beautifully.

To complete the luxurious presentation, the rose and vase are packaged in a red velvet box. This box not only protects the rose and vase but also adds an air of mystery and anticipation to them before they are revealed. Red velvet represents passion and elegance, underscoring the importance and value of this special gift.

This stunning piece of jewelry can be given as a special gift for the important people in your life. Whether for an anniversary, birthday, wedding or other special occasion, the gold-plated rose with gold-plated vase is a gift that will impress and will be remembered by the recipient.

In addition to its function as a gift, this rose can also be used as an extraordinary decoration in your own room. It can be placed on a coffee table, a dresser or even a desk and will add a touch of elegance and sparkle to your interior.

All in all, the gilded rose with gilded vase presented in a red velvet box is a symbol of elegance and beauty. It is a jewel that towers over passers-by and adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the lives of those who own it. As a gift or as a decoration, this rose will impress and inspire joy and admiration.

- A real rose with a cover
- Dipped in pure 24K gold
- Golden vase is gilded
- Very detailed
- With a certificate of authenticity

https://styon.de/products/goldene-rose-mit-goldener-vase-auf-roter-velvetbox s

By S. W.


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